Chihuahua Puppy With Anger Management Issues

A stationary camera is shooting a circular doggy bed when a a black cat enters the room and stands next to it. It looks to the left and suddenly a Chihuahua puppy jumps in front of the cat and into the doggy bed. The cat zips away and the pup starts digging into the fabric. Its name is Paco and he seems to have a lot of energy to burn, because he really goes to town on the thing he is supposed to sleep in. The puppy starts growling along with the digging and biting but amazingly the doggy bed does not seem to be damaged at all. Maybe that is because he is a small-sized puppy. However, the growls become louder as the little canine is trying to destroy the doggy bed while lying on his left side. This continues for a while, then Paco concentrates his efforts on one particular spot. At one point the doggy bed almost flips over and nearly covers the puppy but then quickly goes back to the position it is supposed to be in as the pooch’s attack resumes. The rolling around and growling continue until Paco stops and stares at the camera. The crazy puppy runs away but promptly gets back in the doggy bed. Finally after some more gazing at us, he jumps out of the abused object, hops hesitantly to the right and left and runs out of frame.

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