Perplexed Puppy Learning Basic Commands

A Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy is sitting on the floor next to a couch. A man sitting on his knees calls attracts the attention of his pet by tapping the floor. The pup goes towards him and executes the command “sit” as soon as the owner says it. Then the pooch reaches with its front right paw even before the man says “paw”. It looks very cute and it is apparent that the little canine has been trained to some extent before the video was shot. Now the man tries to make the puppy reach out its paw again but he is unsuccessful for a while because the pet does not seem to understand him and instead of doing what is asked of it, the pup opens its mouth and playfully tries to bite the man’s hands. After doing that for a while however, the pooch executes the command and receives a kiss on the head. At this point the sweet puppy loses interest and jumps around the room and occasionally looks back at its owner who is saying the same two commands as before. Then it stares at him and after some persuasion approaches its master and performs the two tricks. Finally, the pooch receives a treat and some petting after which the man stands up and walks away.

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